Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wedding at Cana I
Acrylic on circular canvas
12 x 12 inches

This artwork depicts a particular room and its furnishings in Dublin Castle. The Virgin Mary whispers to Christ, who wears a red robe, that the wine has run out. Mary’s opaque white skin and robes are based on descriptions of her Apparition at Knock in Ireland in 1879. One of the ceremony’s servants, a contemporary priest, brings the new, miraculous wine to the praying couple. The miracle at Cana foreshadows of the miracle of the Eucharist, which beautifully intertwines the communion of Marriage and the communion of the Eucharist.

(*special thanks to my friends Pat and Paula Reynolds for modeling for this painting)

Wedding at Cana II
Acrylic on oval canvas
24 x 18 in.

(*please see text accompanying "Wedding at Cana I)